Cómo obtener la Espada de Hierro Oscuro en Chenyu Vale en Genshin Impact

However, an exception is represented by the Dark Iron Sword, a 3-star weapon of which only one copy can be obtained by talking to Chen the Sharp, a food vendor located in the Liyue Harbor. The Dark Iron Sword has nothing special about it, apart from its curious rarity. It has Elemental Mastery as its secondary stat and has an effect that increases the wielder’s attack after triggering the Overload, Superconduct, Electro-Charged, Swirl, Shatter, or Fervent Flames reactions, which is not a terrible ability with the right character. However, since only one copy of the weapon is available, there was no way to achieve a higher refinement level, thus maximizing the strength of this passive effect.

Enter Chenyu Vale, the latest subzone of Liyue introduced in the 4.4 update of Genshin Impact. Against all expectations, it is possible to find a second copy of the Dark Iron Sword in this region, over three years and four months after the addition of the original weapon. Although this will not allow you to reach Refinement Rank 5, it’s a start: let’s just hope that the third copy of the sword doesn’t take another three years to arrive. After reaching Chenyu Vale and activating the Statue of The Seven in the eastern part of the region, follow the road west towards Mount Lingmeng, where a waypoint awaits activation near a combat arena.

From here, you will see a large stone gate blocking the entrance to the mountain. Approach the gate and interact with it to knock. This will lead to an encounter with a representative of the declining Guhua Martial Arts School, to which Xingqiu belongs. Agree to wait for the person to bring another member of the school and then confirm to this elderly person, named Huang Third, that you want to enter the Wangshan Hall.

He will make you pass two simple tests. Once this is done, you can enter the Wangshan Hall. It’s not complicated at all, so follow the mission instructions and venture into the mountain. In the library, you will need to activate a mechanism to open your way.

To do this, you need to place the four scriptures found in this room on the correct shelves. Your Elemental Sight will help you locate the right spot for each container, and all you have to do is move them with the power of the Adepts you obtained when entering the region. This will lower the water level in the library and create an escape route. Here is a room with another mechanism – and you will have to work on it to complete the side quest “A Stroll Among Memories of Wangshan” – but what interests us most is the common chest located on the south wall of this room, nestled between crumbling walls.

Open it and you will find the second copy of the Dark Iron Sword available in the game: now, that’s a treasure! Don’t forget to lock this weapon once it’s in your inventory, so it doesn’t get used as upgrade material, or refine the other Dark Iron Sword to the second level. *Written by Marco Wutz for GLHF*

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